Important Week for URCSF

During this week, we submitted two different proposals to two different donors.

The first one was for Canal de Isabel II, in Madrid (Spain). Canal de Isabel II is a public company that manages the water supply in Madrid. We submitted this proposal through our spanish partner Paz y Cooperación.

The main facts of the project are:

  • Budget:
    1. Canal de Isabel II: 68.976.41 Euros
    2. URCSF: 22.352.64 Euros
    3. Total: 91.329.41 Euros.
  • Duration: One Year
  • Location: Bukakata & Lambu, Masaka District, Uganda. These are two fishing communities near of Victoria Lake which water, hygiene and sanitation situation needs improve. We are the only development agent in this zone so the importance of the project is crucial for the well-being of these communities.
  • Overall Objective: Increased the coverage of drinking water and sanitation facilities in Masaka District.
  • Specific Objective: Improved on the general health situation of the poor rural peasant women of Bukakata and Lambu, their families and those of community through increasing access to safe clean water, hygiene education and improved sanitation facilities.
  • Results:
    1. Supported 1058 people in community as direct beneficiaries access safe clean water and better sanitation facilities by the end of 1 year.
    2. Empowered and increased awareness through training of 200 women and 858 people in the community with knowledge on good hygiene practices to foster behavioral Change by the end of 1 year.
  • Activities:
    1. Purchase to support 22 members acquires durable rain water harvesting polytanks.
    2. Construction of 21 Ecosan Latrines.
    3. Construction of 7 shallow wells
    4. Conduct 4 trainings for women in water, hygiene and sanitation.
    5. Offer door-to-door extension support to members and the community on good hygiene practices.
    6. Radio Talk Show
    7. Form community Groups for Music dancers and Drummers as a tool for sensitization.
    8. Competition to choose the Dancers/Drummers Group
    9. Organized visits to the community

The second one was submitted to the Belgium Embassy in Kampala. The information about this project is:

  • Budget:
    1. BTC: 34.750.000 Shillings
    2. URCSF: 18.600.000 Shillings
    3. Total: 53.350.000 Shillings.
  • Duration: One Year
  • Location: Kalisizo, Masaka District, Uganda. The project will be implemented in the Model Farm that the organization has in Masaka.
  • Overall Objective: Improving subsistence farming by training poor remote rural communities.
  • Specific Objective: Teaching rural women water harvesting and conservation to increase food security and combat climate change in Southern Uganda.
  • Results:
    1. Community Farming skills Improved
      1. Health-related nutrition community conscience developed
      2. Well prepared and more resilient communities created
    2. Food Security Increased
  • Activities:
    1. Community Training.
    2. Kitchen Garden Boxes provision.
    3. Water harvesting tank provision.
    4. Fruit tree seedling.
    5. Energy saving stoves.
    6. Provision of Seeds.

With these two new proposals, URCSF focuses its efforts in two of its main sectorial priorities, Water, Hygiene & Sanitation and Food Security & Climate Change.

The final decision about the projects will take place during this year. For the first one, we´ll have to wait until October-November 2012. The resolution about the second one will be known in April 2012.

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