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Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation


Peter Luswata
Executive Director

The Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation (Uganda Rural) in Masaka, Uganda, trains subsistence farmers in traditional and sustainable farming methods at a model farming cooperative.

Uganda Rural believes that sustainable farming and food security are integral to human health. These project areas, in combination, produce self-managing farmers’ groups/cooperatives that are able to practice organic farming to increase their incomes, while also curbing environmental degradation, advancing economic growth, and enhancing food security for the more vulnerable individuals in the community.

Since 2007, Uganda Rural has formed 52 cooperatives numbering over 1,500 farmers that are growing over 200 tons of food every month. Ranging from coffee to mango to maize, Uganda Rural is building a middle class in Uganda and currently has nearly 200,000 direct beneficiaries in the Masaka region.


Food Security

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Environmental Conservation

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